1. Terminology

Offer is an agreement posted under the web address
Executor is company CRBit.
Website is a set of logically connected web pages. Content is information posted on the web pages of
Personal cabinet is a tool for accessing the client's personal information. Client is a person that has passed the registration procedure on the website.
Investor is a person who owns active capital.
Partner is a user who has a partner structure with at least one active investor.
Affiliate program is system of rewarding partners on the website

2. Subject of the offer

2.1. The contract regulates the relationship between the Executor and the Client regarding the access to the website, services and content.
2.2. The acceptance of the offer is addressed to any adult person.
2.3. The acceptance of the offer is performed by the Client during the registration of the personal cabinet on the company's website.
2.4. The Client is informed that the offer conditions may be changed without an agreement with the user.
2.5. The use of the Personal Cabinet by the Client within the duration of the Offer means a full and unconditional acceptance of the changed terms of the current Offer.

3. Rights and obligations of the parties

3.1. The Executor is obliged:
3.1.1. to enable the Client register a Personal cabinet;
3.1.2. to keep the personal data of the Client confidential;
3.1.3. not to pass the Client’s personal information to the third parties;
3.1.4 to reward Partners according to the terms of the Affiliate program;
3.1.5. to provide a customer support to the webite visitors.
3.2. The Client is obliged:
3.2.1 to provide reliable personal data in the Personal cabinet;
3.2.2 to provide the information required by the Executor;
3.2.3 not to pass the information from the Personal cabinet to the third parties;
3.2.4 not to violate the terms of the Offer;
3.2.5 ensure the confidentiality of commercial information;
3.2.6 not to allow incorrect comparison of any information from the Executor's website and the creation of a negative background;
3.2.7 to avoid information that contains libel, abuse, threats, pornography and calls for violence;
3.2.8 to provide the Executor with the documents for identity verification.
3.3 The Executor has the right:
3.3.1 to change the terms and conditions of this Offer at any time without a prior notice to the Client;
3.3.2 to refuse the access to the Personal cabinet in case the Offer terms are violated;
3.3.3 to change, edit and supplement the information on the website at its discretion;
3.3.4 to limit or terminate access for the time required for maintenance works on the website

4. Responsibility of the parties

4.1 The Executor shall not be liable in the following cases:
4.1.1 delay or malfunctions in the process of the transaction arising as a result of circumstances not depending on the Executor, as well as DDos attacks and any cases of malfunctions in telecommunication, computer, electrical and other related systems;
4.1.2 delays in the work of transfer systems, cryptocurrency exchanges, banks and payment systems.
4.1.3. The Executor is not responsible for the security and authenticity of the messages, recommendations, opinions or advices of the other Clients.

5. Dispute resolution

5.1 If there is any disagreement between the parties of the Offer, the presentation of a claim (a written offer of the voluntary settlement of issues via Internet) is mandatory.
5.2 Disputes and disagreements not settled in the order envisaged by the clause 5.1 are subject to review and resolution at the place of CRBit legal registration.

6. Account lockout violations

6.1 Creation of more than one account by the Client, aimed at abusing the Partner program.
6.2 In case of posting negative comments in order to defame the reputation of the Executor and its Partners.